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BARAKI is a television series where I was involved as a director on 5 episodes in its first season. The series is produced by Belgian production company 1080 Films and is currently airing on Belgian public television as well as on Netflix in Benelux and France. Due to its critical and popular success, the series has been renewed for a second season.

When he learns that he will become a father, Yvan will do everything to become a better version of himself. And to help him, he can count on the unwavering support of his clan: the Berthet family.

year: 2022-

type: TV Series

genre: comedy

created by: Fred De Loof, Peter Ninane, Julien Vargas

directed by: Fred De Loof, Adolf El Assal, Adriana Da Fonseca, Bérangère McNeese

cast: Pierre Nisse, Julien Vargas, Sophie Breyer, Laura Sepul, Gémi Diallo, Jules Barbason, Nilton Martins, Nassim Rachi

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