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full memory.

FULL MEMORY is a short film that I co-wrote, directed and produced and it is part of the Filmreakter Quickies short film series that I initiated with film director Govinda Van Maela. The goal of the series was to shoot a film during the Covid-19 pandemic and in the shortest timeframe possible with minimum equipment and crew. In my case, the film was written, shot and edited in less than 3 days. The short film was also part of an exhibition at the Luxembourg pavilion during the 2020 Expo Dubai and has toured international film festivals. It is currently screening at CNA in Luxembourg until 7th January 2024.

A Syrian man is living a normal life in Europe but he has to face the dark truth about his past.

year: 2022

type: short fiction

genre: drama

written & directed by: Adolf El Assal

co-written by: Mazen Haj Kassem

cast: Mazen Haj Kassem

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